Where there is no vision, the people perish… Proverbs 29:18 King James Version My vision for ministry is first and foremost the whole man, it doesn’t stop with salvation. It is the renewing of the mind and the restoration of the family – mind, body and soul; start to meet the needs of each individual family. A wonderful illustration of that is the parable of the good Samaritan. When he found a broken man he revived him and provided transportation to a place of restoration; shared with the innkeeper whatever he needs give it, when I come, I will pay his debt. I have witnessed firsthand wounded and hurting people receive the word of God and accept Him as Savior. Then leave Him and seek to survive on their own. We are in the world but not of the world. In other words, we are called out, the congregation of the righteous. We must not expect the world system to facilitate restoration.

Our History
Many years prior to our beginning my parents Bishop Fred Lee Turner and Mother Lily Ward Turner spoke a prophetic word that God would bless their seed, Deuteronomy 28:4. My father and mother poured all they had into me. I shall never forget, nor should any one of us forget the value of godly parents.
In February 1981 we held our first service in a store front building located at 247 Waughtown Street. In attendance were myself Claude C. Turner as pastor, wife Carolyn, children Eric, Jacinta and Tonya. The church’s name Calvary Hill came through Eric Turner, and was named Calvary Hill Apostolic Church. My family’s names are mentioned because the day God birthed Calvary Hill in my heart, they had to share a husband, a father, a brother. It was for the sake of the gospel, Mark 10:29. In October 1981, we moved to 2411 Urban Street. In May 1989, we were incorporated by the state of North Carolina making me, Elder Claude C Turner the general overseer. In July 1989 we established Calvary Hill’s first annual convention and God spoke a word from Jeremiah 32:19 “Great in council and mighty in work”, which became our declaration.
In July 1996 God placed in my heart to change the ministry’s name from Calvary Hill Apostolic Church, to Calvary Hill Church of Great Deliverance. I was ordained Bishop in July 1996 and was consecrated by laying on of hands administered by Bishop Alonzo McCloud of Tabernacle of Faith Church and Rev. Lula Williams of Hartland A.M.E. Church in Morganton, North Carolina. On September 6, 1997 we marched victoriously from our Urban Street edifice, to our present location 4951 Manning Street. God continues to give the increase, blessing Calvary Hill and the communities we serve. Calvary Hill is a ministrywhere everyone has a ministry and there is a ministry for everyone.
We are blessed with the ministry gifts of my wife Elder Virginia Williams Turner who serves in many capacities laboring with me spreading the gospel. Calvary Hill Church of Greater Deliverance history is my history. God sent many people who embraced Calvary Hill with passion and a zeal to impact the kingdom of God. They have seen the best and the worst; victories and defeats; and yet, they never left my side. I thank God for blessing Calvary Hill with each and every one of you. Some have gone on to be with the Lord, those who remain, are pressing for the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus.